Q: Do you offer wedding packages?
Yes. First step is to send us an email to check our availability for your wedding date. We will then reply to confirm our availability along with wedding package details.

Q: How far in advance do you book weddings?
Wedding dates fill up fast. We typically book weddings as far out as two years in advance. My advice to you is that if you find a vendor you fall in love with…me for example ;), book them. The longer you wait, the more likely your date will be reserved by another couple.

Q: Will you save my wedding date?
Unfortunately I can only reserve weddings with a contract and deposit. Once this happens, I am all yours for that date. :)

Q: Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes. Joe Grant Photography uses Square Invoicing for all credit card payments. Of course if you prefer, you can pay by cash or check.

Q: Will I have rights to print and post my photos after the wedding?
Yes. Upon delivery of your photos, you will have full printing and posting rights. All I ask is that you do not alter the images in any way. This is my art and I want to preserve the integrity of the images.

Q: Do you offer engagement sessions?
Yes. Once we lock in the wedding date, we will begin planning your engagement session. I work with each of my couples for outfit / color selection. I usually recommend two looks - one casual and one dressy. Colors and outfit ideas will be dependent upon the season.

Q: Should I have my hair and makeup professionally done for my engagement session?
Yes. Everyday makeup and photography makeup are not the same. My brides have appreciated having their hair and makeup done for their engagement sessions. I highly recommend it. I can provide several trustworthy hair and makeup vendor recommendations.

Q: Do you photograph with a second photographer on my wedding day?
Yes. All of my packages include a second shooter / assistant. It is nice to have a different perspective and angle throughout the day.

Q: Do you offer videography?
At this time, I do not offer videography services, however, if we work together, I will provide several trusted vendor recommendations.

Q: Will you help create a photography timeline for my wedding day?
Yes. Leading up to your big day, we will work together to create a concise wedding day timeline.

Q: What is a First Look?
A first look is when the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony in a private and intimate setting. We capture that magical moment the Bride and Groom get to see each other for the first time. It is truly a special moment and I love shooting first looks.

Q: Do you recommend First Looks?
Yes. It provides more breathing room and time for Bride/Groom and Family portraits. Photographing family portraits earlier in the day will allow family to join the cocktail hour once the ceremony is over. The first look becomes even more important in the Fall and Winter seasons when the sun sets very early. The first look allows us to capture daylight portraits of the bride and groom together.

Q: If I choose not to do a First Look, will that be okay?
Yes, we totally respect our couples desire to follow tradition, however, just be aware of the timing for sunset and try to build in enough extra time between the ceremony and reception. It may not be a bad idea to extend the cocktail hour by an extra half hour if you were planning on joining your guests. Again, we just want to ensure that we have enough time built into your timeline to capture epic portraits after the Ceremony. 

Q: What happens if it rains?
We shoot amazing rain photographs! :) Leading up to the big day, If it looks rain is in the forecast, plan to have enough umbrellas for your bridal party. I recommend clear for the ladies and black for the men. Avoid bright colors as they tend to cast color onto faces and dresses. 

Q: What is your photography style?
In everything I do, I try to avoid trends so that your images stay timeless. My style is a mix of photojournalistic candids and artistic portraits. I keep all my editing clean and avoid using any editing techniques that will date the photos. Again, I want your images to be timeless.

Q: Do you offer Albums?
Some of my packages include an album and of course, it can always be added to the package at any point in the process. If you purchase a package that includes an album, we will work together after delivery of the photos to create your amazing album design. 

Q: Do you offer photobooths?
I decided in 2016 to stop doing photobooths. Photobooths have a lot of moving parts and therefore multiple points for failure. The last thing I want to be thinking about while photographing your wedding is a malfunctioning photobooth. This change allows me to stay 110% focused on capturing your wedding day photos. Remember that saying, Jack of all trades, master of none....it’s true.

Q: My DJ offers photography as part of their packages?
Again I say…Jack of all trades, master of none. You get what you pay for. Your wedding happens once. If you’re considering a DJ for your photography, we’re probably not the best fit for your wedding. My recommendation...hire an amazing DJ or band and hire an amazing wedding photographer. When you invest in Joe Grant Photography, you will get the quality you deserve for one of the most important events in your lifetime. If you're looking shrink the budget, photography is the last place you should cut. It is the only documentation you will have of your amazing day and you get one shot to get it right. 

Q: Can we meet for a consultation?
Yes. We would be happy to meet in person or virtual.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?
I am a Canon guy. On wedding day, I will have at least two 5D Mark IV bodies on me at all times along with many professional Canon lenses, flashes, etc. As a professional, I invest heavily in professional equipment to ensure delivery of the highest end product.

Q: Do you bring equipment backups to the wedding?
If a photographer doesn’t have the proper equipment with backups, do not hire him/her. A professional will have multiple camera bodies and lenses as backup for your special day. 

Q: How do we know if you’re the right photographer to photograph our wedding?
First do you like my style. Review my portfolio. How do the images make you feel? Do you connect with photos on an emotional level? Secondly, when we meet for a consultation, do you feel comfortable with my personality. We will be spending an entire wedding day together...can you hang out with me for that long? I am a firm believer that good chemistry = better product!